Billy Bumble


Learn to Read

Please see our Parents' Guide for further information. As a first step, your child needs to learn to recognise each letter of the alphabet.

It is important to teach the sound of the letter not the name while learning to read. For example, say "a" as in "cat" (the sound) and not "ay" (the name) and "e" as in "bed"(the sound) and not "ee" (the name). Also, try not to put "uh" on the end, for example for "m" say "mmm" not "muh" (and of course not "em" which is the name). This will all help when the child puts letters together to form words.

Alphabet book

To help you, Billy Bumble has produced a free alphabet e-book. Each letter of the alphabet is on its own page in the book. The first section is in lower case (eg "a"). The second section is in upper case (eg "A"). We suggest that you focus on lower case letters first. The book can also be used later to learn the alphabet.

The Kindle limits the text size that we can use, so to increase the size of the letter on each page, please use the Increase Font on your Kindle or e-reader.

To download the free alphabet book go to the Freebies page.