Billy Bumble


Teaching your child to read

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when teaching your child to read.

Parents Guide

To help you, Billy Bumble has produced a free parents' guide (in English) as a downloadable book or document.

The guide is a short outline only and is not intended to duplicate or replace the large number of free resources available on the internet (including on government education websites). Those resources give greater detail and should be used, in particular in relation to the use of "synthetic phonics".

In addition, you should liaise with your child's school or pre-school if applicable to ensure that you are following their recommended system. The method used in this guide has been used by Billy Bumble with success, but experts differ in their advice and every child is an individual. Therefore it is important to adapt the method to suit your child and to factor in advice from teachers and others involved with your child's education.

Timing - it is vital to ensure that the time is right for your own child. The child should be showing an active interest in the letters and learning to read in English. Do not try to force it too young or if the child has no interest. Some experts recommend waiting until around 5 - 6, but in our experience, it entirely varies by child and could be anywhere from around 3 to 7 years old. Above all, you should ensure that learning to read at home is fun for your child

To download the free parents' guide book go to the Freebies page.