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Phonic Words

EA Words

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Publisher: JayCurt

Publication date: March 2012

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Book Description:
"EA Words" is Book 2 of the "Phonic Words Series" by Billy Bumble aimed at young children at the early stages of learning to read in English. There are two versions of this e-book. One contains charming black-and-white sketch line drawings specifically designed for the Kindle and other black and white e-book readers. The other contains brightly coloured child-like illustrations for colour e-book readers.

The "Phonic Words" series of books form part of the Billy Bumble Learn to Read system. Each "Phonic Words" book focuses on a particular phonic sound. They should be used after your child has learnt to identify each letter sound from the alphabet individually.

The books each have a set of 12 words which are taught in 3 sections. In the first section, each word appears above its picture. In the second section, the picture appears on the page following the word. In the third section, there is a final page with the words alone. The word order is changed in each section.

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This book introduces both the long "ea" sound (such as in "meat") and also a few examples of the alternative short "ea" sound (such as in "bread"). Your child will need to work out the correct sound from context and the pronunciation of the word.