Billy Bumble

Phonic Words

A + E Words

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Publisher: JayCurt

Publication date: March 2012

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Book Description:
"A + E Words" is Book 18 of the "Phonic Words Series" by Billy Bumble aimed at young children at the early stages of learning to read in English. There are two versions of this e-book. One contains charming black-and-white sketch line drawings specifically designed for the Kindle and other black and white e-book readers. The other contains brightly coloured child-like illustrations for colour e-book readers.

The "Phonic Words" series of books form part of the Billy Bumble Learn to Read system. Each "Phonic Words" book focuses on a particular phonic sound. They should be used after your child has learnt to identify each letter sound from the alphabet individually.

The books each have a set of 12 words which are taught in 3 sections. In the first section, each word appears above its picture. In the second section, the picture appears on the page following the word. In the third section, there is a final page with the words alone. The word order is changed in each section.

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This book uses words to illustrate the difference made to the "a" letter by the "magic E" at the end of a word. The words used contain the short "a" in some words (such as "cat") and then the long "a" with an "e" at the end in other words (such as in "cake").